Top 5 Football Accumulator Betting Hints and Tips

With the popularity of football accumulators going through the roof this is our top 5 expert tips for accumulators.

The curse of the early game

Any experienced bettor will tell you how often the early match has busted the whole accumulator before the main games have even started. There’s no stats to suggest missing the early game will make your bets more profitable but what it will do is keep you entertained for longer. If you’re only doing one accumulator for the day it’s best to keep the kick off times around the same time, saving the buzz-kill of it falling at the first leg.

Valueless Favourites

Don’t just add in valueless odds on favourites just because you see it would boost your accumulator winnings. ‘Real Madrid away at 1/12′ is really not good value and this will reflect in the chances of your accumulator coming in. The only way your accumulator will be good value is if each component single is good value too.

Cash out rip off

Don’t be ripped off by the payouts which cash outs offer you. 99% of the time you will always be offered a bad deal and this can easily be calculated, especially if no games are currently in-play. Also don’t put a late game in your accumulator if when all the other results actually win.. you will decide to cash out, it would be best just to leave that game out and get the full payout before it starts.

Find the best odds

The difference between odds on an accumulator at one bookie compared to another can be huge, if each component single odds is slightly worse at one place this loss will be magnified in the overall price of the accumulator. Use an odds comparison platform such as the Accumulator Tracker App to find the best overall odds.

Bet what you can afford to lose

With most accumulators, even if you feel confident they are unlikely to come in purely because the odds are usually relatively high. A random 10/1 accumulator might seem quite low but even this is suggested to come in less than 1 in 11 times (if the bookies prices are set right). With this in mind you should only bet what you can afford to lose.

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